Slide 'n Ride XL Interior Legs Extend 7" to 12" for Akron Children's Hospital

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*** MUST be an Akron Children's Hospital Employee to Purchase this Slide 'n Ride Product!

*** The XL model has a longer set of interior legs, the ones that go inside the vehicle, that extend an additional 3" at 10", 11", and 12"

The Slide 'n Ride "XL" is a car mobility seat that replaces the use of a transfer board and reduces the strain on you and your passenger. It gets the passenger seated before they get in the vehicle. 


  • Easy set up and storage
  • Reduces risk of injury to the passenger & caregiver during vehicle transfer
  • Allows passenger to be seated outside of the car
  • Patented latch adjustment for use on any terrain
  • Durable design with stainless steel components
  • FDA Registered Class I Medical Device 
  • Heath Savings & Flexible spending account eligible

NOTICE: Use of this product for any purpose other than what is intended voids any warranty or liability claims.